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The healthiest employees are

almost 3 times more productive!

Healthy Workplace Workshops

Would you like to:

  1. Decrease absenteeism and improve employee health profiles?

  2. Increase productivity and employee morale?

  3. Decrease workplace injuries and improve industrial relations?

If YES, then Dr Tony’s workshops are for you.

Topics include…

  • “The 5 secrets to bulletproofing your back.”

  • “Sitting fitness – 5 steps to decreasing the devastating effects of sitting.”

  • “Becoming a Corporate Athlete, how to manage stress in the 21st century.”

  • “7 Simple steps to double your energy.”

    We Love Helping People

    If you’d like some help with your health, we’d love to help!

    We are more concerned with your ability to heal than the level of your health. We are here for you no matter what’s going on. Book in today. 

    Your health starts here.


    Better Health is Our Mission

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