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Hi, Tony here from Auburn, South Chiropractic. And we’re back on the mat. This is for my three ball exercises that you should be doing if you get some lower back pain, so let’s get into it. There are three areas that I want you to start using a massage ball. This massage ball is great. These are like a lacrosse ball. If you dont have one of these – just grab a tennis ball or maybe cricket ball or whatever you’ve got, to get in there. The roller, the foam roller is great, but this just gets in a little bit more like an elbow, to really release those trigger points, the muscles, get a bit tight, a bit angry. We can release those. We can mash those out with the massage ball. If you haven’t got one, we’ve got ’em here in the office, come in and get one. Anyway, I want to show you three areas that I want you to get into if you get lower back pain. The first one is the glute area. We’re going to get into these roots through the hips here. So first one is we’re simply going to lie on our side, like this, lift up our hips and then pop the ball down and come through. Now, when you’re all like that one, when you get on a spot, it might refer pain down the leg. It might come into the hips itself. We’re going to hold for 10 seconds and then we’re going to lift and move to the next spot. And you can roll around and find that spot. Change the angle of your leg. You can even get your leg up on here.

This next one is one that I think is often missed, um, which is when we come around to the front of the hip. This one’s done more with you around, onto your tummy. So if we bring the ball underneath the front here –  I usually have this one hooked over. So I can judge how much pressure I’m putting onto the ball, then coming to the front of the hip there. Now this one will often give you a bit of a dead leg feeling down the front of the thigh. It’s a great one. And it’s great to help open up the hips there. If you’re someone particularly who sits too long, too much setting causes the hip flexors to tighten – we can mash them out with the massage ball. 

And then the third one is to put the ball into that lower back area right down at the base of your spine. What I’m going to do here is put it onto the left side. You’ll see here on the left side. And what I’m going to do is I’m gently going to lay back along the ball, and then I’m going to play around with the angle of my legs. So I’m going to lift my leg. Just depends how far you want to flex. Take it out to the side, bring it around. And I can feel that working into my lower back, but also referring pain down into my leg.  And then we want to swap sides and we can pop that around the other side and repeat on the other side, we always want to be doing these exercises on both sides of our body. It’s always a good practice to hold each spot for about 10 seconds, 15 seconds, and then move to the next spot. It really should only take you a couple of minutes, a few minutes every day with the ball and that’ll really, really help your lower back and feel better and get good mobility back into that lower back as well. 

I’d love to know your thoughts. Let me know. Does it help? The beauty of these is you can have them everywhere. One in the car, one at home, in the desk drawer, get down on the floor, and, get to work. 

I hope this has been helpful. If you’d like a bit more help, please give the office a call, get on the website. You can book it online. www.aschiro.com and I’d love to help you out, but until next time – be well