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Hi, Dr. Tony here from Auburn South Chiropractic, and I’m on the floor doing some stretches. Would you like to know my top three stretches for the lower back? Let’s go – first one, Double knee to chest. 

We’re going to bring them in nice and tight. Nice and easy, both at once. We’re going to hold for 10 seconds and do it three times. 

Next one. I’m going to bring one down. This is called the Lumbar roll. Bring one to the side. Nice and gently. No bouncing. We’re going to hold for 10 seconds here and do it three times on each side. 

Number three is a Lunge stretch. This one is great for people who are sitting too much during the day, we’re going to open up the front of the hip here by leaning forward. We’re not going to lean forward in the spine. We’re keeping nice and tall. 

There are three great stretches for your lower back. If you’ve got any problems, any questions, please put them down below. We’d love to answer those. And if you’d like to get in contact, then you can jump over to www.aschiro.com or give us a call at the office on 7005 7672 I look forward to seeing you soon.