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1. Reduced labour time.

Research suggests that women under Chiropractic during pregnancy experienced up to 33% less labour time. Wow. 🙌⁣

2. Decreased pain.

Back pain during pregnancy can be anything from a slight niggle to full blown debilitating pain. Chiropractic can help.😀⁣

3. Feeling Connected

Is there ever a more important time to feel connected to your body? Staying in good alignment is imperative for staying connected. 🙏⁣

4. Optimal pelvic symmetry.

Obviously, having a pelvis well aligned will affect the area of the pelvis for bubs to grow and descend into. Keep your pelvis healthy.🤱⁣

5. Optimal foetal positioning.

A baby that is comfortable in the uterus is more likely to adopt an ideal position for healthy growth and healthy delivery. Having a healthy spine and pelvis contributes to muscles and ligaments holding firm and supportive, not tight and restrictive. 👼⁣
A belly pillow helps mums lay on their tummy (see arrow) to get checked and bubs has room inside the pillow (like a donut ring) to fall into. Safe and gentle.

Dr Tony – Your Hawthorn Chiropractor.