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Many parents seek Chiropractic assessments for their baby and children with…

  • Feeding and attachment issues.
  • Baby or child not settling or sleeping well.
  • Upset digestion.
  • Difficulty in turning their head freely to both sides.
  • Challenges with growth and development.
  • Concerns about head shape.

Even when all seems on track, many parents choose to have their baby checked for general health and development. We work in collaboration with other health care providers.

What do we do?

We assess your baby’s hips, spine and cranial-dural states for imbalances.

these may occur through birth, bumps, falls, stresses and environmental impacts.

Chiropractic care is gentle and consists of specific corrections to the spine and nervous system to support optimal function. We will also advise on activities to be performed at home to also support your child’s development.

Chiropractic care…..safe, gentle & effective.