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We’ve all see the young, beautiful, bendy 20 year old girl in her Lululemon yoga gear doing an amazing Downward facing dog or dancers pose – and it seems unreachable for most of us. Is yoga just for bendy young women? What are the benefits of yoga? Should I give it a go?

I caught up with Kula yoga studio owner, Kacey to find out the answers to these questions.

What is yoga?

a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practised for health and relaxation.

I’d love to know your thoughts… Do you love yoga? Are you up for giving it a go? I love Kacey’s attitude of giving it a go – allow yourself some time to breathe, to sit, to move and to stretch. It just may be the answer you’re looking for. You can check out Kula at the following link. https://kulayoga.com.au

I find the combination of regular yoga with regular Chiropractic adjustments, a great way to keep strong and supple. Here’s to better health.

Dr Tony Rose – Chiropractor

Hi, Tony here from Auburn South chiropractic, and I’m at Kula yoga and we’re about to go in and meet Kacey, the owner. Do you love yoga? Are you a yoga fan or have you never tried it? Who’s yoga for, who’s it not for? Why is it good? What are the benefits? We’re going to answer all these questions with Kacey in a moment. So why don’t you come inside and join me in meeting Kacey from Kula Yoga. 

Well, Kacey welcome. It’s great to be here at Kula yoga and thank you for having me. So Kacey there’s a lot of people will have some questions about yoga, who is yoga for?

It’s going to sound cliche, but yoga is for everybody. It’s not something that we can, I can’t pick someone out from the street and go, Oh, that person must do yoga because I think people are drawn to it for different reasons. Some people just need to move their body, they want to strengthen, or they want to stretch it out. They want mobility or they want stability, but we seem to attract, obviously a lot of people that are over committed  they’re very busy. They’re very stressed. whether that’s from work, family commitments, studying whatever it might be. We find that yoga attracts people that need that sanctuary and that space and time away from all of that for self care. So that’s what we’re really trying to create, that beautiful space that people can come and move and breathe and stretch and just have some time to themselves. 

Wonderful. I’m always banging on to my patients about that and I will just need some time out to, to increase our body’s ability to cope with the life that we’re living. And I think yoga really sits beautifully in that space. Just allowing people to have that time and space. I find it a little bit crazy that we actually have to schedule time to do that. 


What a beautiful place to come to. To Kula to do that. So you offer different classes, don’t you? 

Yeah, we do. We are yoga specialists, so we only offer yoga that’s our thing, but within that scope, there’s a few different options that we offer that gives people different focuses or a different pace or a different temperature. And so for people that just want to come in and mobilize and stretch and relax, then we do have our yin yoga. And so Yin’s perfect for working into fascia and connective tissue. And that might be another language to some people out there, but basically it’s helping you find a greater range of motion so that your body moves more freely with less discomfort. So we do focus a lot on the spine and the hips so that when people leave class, I feel more open, they’re moving more freely. and it also works not just with the physical body, but also the energetic and the emotional layers of the body as well, so that you do feel calm and grounded and relaxed. So that’s yin. 

But then we also have our yang styles to balance everything out. So we usually encourage people to come into slow flow first because that’s a slow Vinyasa flow where you are starting to strengthen, um, hold poses and work those muscular layers. Um, but you also, still, obviously, as you’re moving into and come into things like lunges and moving through sun salutations, all these movements still help you to create mobility in your body so slow flow flow and hot area yang styles to compliment Yin.

Beautiful. So something for everyone. Folks, if you want to just get that real long stretch, or you want to have an actual workout, where you going to be so wetting, let me tell you, I’ve done many, many a workout here and I have sweated my butt off.

One of the interesting things that I’ve found about yoga when I first started with you Kacey was –  I remember vividly being on the beach in, in Bali or Lombok or somewhere like that. And, and I remember doing these backbends and just having this flood of emotions come over me. And it was, it was really quite powerful. I get goosebumps thinking about it right now. What’s that about? 

We hold onto a lot in our bodies. You might hear some of us talk about our hips being our junk drawers of emotions because the body it’s not disconnected, what you feel, what you’re experiencing in your mind, through your brain, with your nervous system, everything’s connected. And that’s all connected to our soft tissues as well. So when we’re feeling, when everything’s not open, when we are feeling, whether it’s our energy centers, people might recognize the word chakra, And so we’ve, we’ve got blockages that are energetic or physical. Then when we start to move or we hold stretches  or we hold positions and we relax and breathe into them, we start to not open up just that physical layer, but we start to release everything else that the body’s holding onto and team that with. I think it was a beautiful sunset in Bali. And so depending on what you’re experiencing in the environment that you’re in, then it just starts to bring things to the surface. And there’s been plenty of times that I’ve had people that have been emotional in class, had people laughing class. And so it’s just these really fascinating way of just allowing your body to release whatever it needs to. 

It’s a beautiful thing. And so if you, if you feel like you need a bit of stress relief,  bit of extra mobility, or a bit of just getting, taking some time out of the busy schedules that we all live in our look, I recommend coming in, seeing Casey at cooler yoga, Kacey, do you ever a favorite pose or a favorite move? 

I have plenty. Um, but if people aren’t familiar with them, I won’t go into the nitty gritties and come and, um, throw the ASA names at you.  but let’s just say that backward bending poses. And so if you are coming into backbends, that’s kick-starting your central nervous system that helps to energize. So we say that backbends and natures caffeine. So if I need a bit of a pick me up, I’ll be leaning towards backward bending poses. But on the flip side, if I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I just come into forward folding. So coming into forward, folding poses helps us to calm down our central nervous system. So it’s, and any type of calming and grounding poses where you can breathe just helps you to also reset. Totally. 

So there you go, folks, it’s also about becoming aware of your body and your needs, and then becoming more congruent with your body and really listening to it and becoming one. So, Kacey, any final thoughts, thoughts for someone who might be thinking is yoga for me? 

Yeah. We have a lot of people that think I’m not flexible enough to do yoga. It’s probably one that we hear a lot or I’ve got to be more flexible before I start, or I don’t think I can, you know, I can’t touch my toes. Um, they also think it’s just for, for bendy young women, um, which is not the case either. We’ve got everything from students to grandmas and guys and everything in between coming here. So we’re very inclusive and welcoming to anyone that wants to try yoga. I would say to not be intimidated, that’s the first thing, because there’s never any pressure to do everything in class. The teaching team here are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming and we know how to teach to different levels within one class. So they’ll always be options and modifications for those that are new to class. 

But then we’ll also have more advanced variations for those that want more of a challenge. So there’s everything in between. So if you want to get started, just come on in, meet the team, meet our beautiful community who are super supportive and just leave your ego at the door. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel that you’re bendy enough or strong enough, you have to start somewhere just like any new skill. Like you, you know, you didn’t learn to ride a bike straight away. You had to take your time, work out how to work out, where your feet and hands and everything go – same with yoga. And so it’s all about each time you come in, you’ll learn something new, you’ll try something a little different. And so come in, don’t feel overwhelmed. Don’t feel intimidated. Just come in, move, breathe, stretch, do what you can rest as much as you need to ask us questions after class and just enjoy the feeling that felt that post yoga bliss that you’ll get.

Totally. I can vouch for that bliss indeed. So the website is www.kulayoga.com.au , jump on there. You can check everything out, Kula yoga. If you have any questions, then you send me a message. I can look Kacey’s details on to you as well. So put a message down below wherever you’re seeing this video. Kacey, thanks so much for joining me in this, which I don’t really have a name for these videos of these these interviews yet, but we’ll get one. If you’ve got an idea – “on the mat with tone” or I don’t know what it’s going to be, but we’ll get there.

You’re so welcome. And we’ll look forward to meeting you all soon. Get in touch with us, follow us on social media and yeah, anyone that is new gets six classes for $50 and three weeks to use them. So there’s no excuse come on in and visit and enjoy. 

Get on it. See you later.